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BrassBadger tracks local ammunition availability of a large discount department store chain. Please understand that keeping track of inventory is complicated and that the ammo availability shown from this app may not be accurate. Remember to always be respectful to all store employees, associates, and shoppers.

To get started, specify your location and select a caliber from the menu.

Android App

For a better experience, use the BrassBadger Android app.
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iPhone Users

If you have an iPhone, try saving this website to your home screen. It will launch just like a regular app afterwards!

Specifying location

The last two menu items let you enter a zip code and geolocate your location.

Picking stores

The last section of the menu list stores near you. Availability results will include ammo from all checked stores.

Color and status definitions

Green (In stock)
Chances are good that there are 3 or more available.

Lighter Green (Undisclosed)
The product's status is being reported as "Availability unknown". It seems like most of the time this is equivalent to being "In stock", however this status can also show up when a store doesn't even carry the particular product. Know what your store typically sells and pay attention to the previous statuses to help interpret its meaning. Even though the store is not explicitly reporting the item as "Out of stock", your mileage will very.

Yellow (Limited stock)
There are probably only a couple available.

Red (Out of stock)
It is unlikely for there to be any available.

Red (Undisclosed)
The product's status is being reported as "Availability unknown", but BrassBadger has never seen the status of the product change. The store might not carry this product.

Availability discrepancies

Our accuracy is dependent on the data sources we pull from. BrassBadger is in no way affiliated with any discount department store chain or third-party source of information.


Your device must support geolocating/location services to take full advantage of this feature. If applicable, your GPS should be on and proper permissions enabled. Poor GPS reception can also prevent geolocating from working properly. IP address geolocating is used as a fallback.

Recent changes

v1.3.0: Added barcode scanning and UPC search functionality
v1.1.0: Added current status duration, 'Undisclosed' status, previous status
v1.0.1: Added 7.62x35mm (300 BLK); Removed .45 Mag
v1.0.0: Stability and bug fixes
v0.9.5: Initial beta release

Support and improvements

If you would like to suggest additional products to be tracked or report a missing store, please send an email to . Be sure to include any relevant product UPCs and/or store information.

Server resources are not free and donations are greatly appreciated! If you'd like to contribute to the server overhead costs or just buy the developer a drink, please use the link below.

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